Old Geezers Out to Lunch

Old Geezers Out to Lunch
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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Overheard: August 29, 2014

In Will Rogers State Park in Los Angeles. Two young women wearing "come get me" dresses and F me heels, tottering up a very steep hill toward the polo field. The first one said, "I told him. If you want to date a woman like me, you have to act like a man." The second one nodded and said, "Yeah. He needs to step it up if he wants to play in our league."

Silence for a minute. It's a steep climb on a warm day. 

As they reached the edge of the parking lot, the second one said, almost gasping, "My feet are killing me."

The first one, very evenly. "Yes. But at least we saved the $12 on parking."


  1. What am I missing here. They are climbing the hill to the polo field, but actually arrive at the parking lot, where they did not park because it cost $12. Polo is out of my league, though.

  2. Saving $12 is not worth the damage those stilletos cause to a young woman's feet.

  3. Were there any accents? I sense an accent....

    1. Reads like an American accent to me. Just saying.

  4. Ha! That was really good and very funny. If I were a young single man, I would hope they were out of my league.