Old Geezers Out to Lunch

Old Geezers Out to Lunch
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Monday, January 6, 2014

Spring is Coming. Really.

As has been true for the last week, it was pretty cold this morning in Minneapolis. My car started, but reluctantly. But by late morning when I had to head to an off-site meeting from the office, I noticed that it had warmed up noticeably.

Here's what the dashboard thermometer looked like at 11:00 am in Parking Ramp C, after the cold of early morning eased:


  1. I've been reading the news and now your blog about the cold temps back there with some interest. I live in Montana, a few miles from the continental divide, at around 6K feet. We had a couple weeks last month where it didn't get above zero, with the nights getting from -25 to -30. This morning it was -10 on the back porch. Even at -10 the college students going by are wearing hoodies, not parkas. Luckily, when it gets really cold (-30 and down)the wind doesn't usually blow.
    Spring is coming......yeah, it gets here in late May, but our last snow is always in June, I've seen 8" here on the 22nd, the first day of summer. We have roughly 50 days of frost-free temps, so outdoor gardens are limited.
    I try to ignore the rim of ice around my insulated windows on the inside and think about the beaches of Baja.

    1. Yeah, you have worse temps, for sure. And we do have pretty nice summer and autumns here. Growing season is a good four months long here. But your scenery looks spectacular.

      I readily confess to growing wimpiness as I grow older. Back in the day, I would routinely cross-country ski at -20, No more though, for this geezer. About -10 is the limit for real outdoor activity.

  2. Oh look. You need to dust your console, too. Swifters are wonderful for that.
    My clever car requires sticking my hand through the steering wheel to push the trip button on the odometer to work down to the temperature. I tried it once and decided that's a piece of knowledge not worth dying for.

  3. Geez...that's, what,100 degrees below "comfortable"? Crazy.