Old Geezers Out to Lunch

Old Geezers Out to Lunch
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Friday, April 19, 2013

The Spring that Wasn't

There are many, many, many good things about Minnesota life. Really, there are.

This isn't one of them.

The first measurable snow this winter came in the third week of October, 2012.  Six months later, this was the scene that greeted me this morning. This in itself wouldn't be so bad, except for the fact that our humid, sultry summers are about 4 months long...this means that of the two pleasant seasons of the year, spring is approximately 3 weeks long, and fall a mere 5 weeks or so.

Sigh. I need to think about that retirement to Costa Rica.


  1. In SW Michigan, we've had enough snow to cover the ground last Sunday. Then came the rains, followed by enough hail to again cover the ground on Wednesday, then more rain and now as the rivers are busting out of their banks, it's spitting snow.... Hang in there, I still like it better than humidity and mosquitoes

  2. Oh, painful memories seized me as I view this shot. There was a weekend in our last winter in Indianapolis where we shoveled-yes shoveled not blowing- snow 5 times on a saturday and 4 times on a sunday, just to keep the garage accessible. I think I am spent, depleted totally, of the ability to muster a muscle twitch against this kind of natural unkindness. I'm wishing you a quick arrival of spring with rich green yards, blooming trees and stretching flowers.

  3. We're the mirror image of that, but yeah, I know where you're coming from.