Old Geezers Out to Lunch

Old Geezers Out to Lunch
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Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Tale of Two Aprils

Since it appears that Minnesota has now entered the next great ice age, I'll take this opportunity to show you, with great fond memories, what my front garden looked like last year at the end of April, with tulips blooming and irises approaching bloom.

And, though I've been complaining about it plenty already, here's what April looked like late last week:

With that, I am hereby done with whining about the weather. Politics, movies, office politics: I'll continue to whine about these, but the weather is now off the table.


  1. Now you're going to make me feel guilty for not stopping my whining out our Texas summer in August. I like to whine about it until the veeeeeery end.


  2. With all the predictions of global warming, I have commented a few times that instead we may be heading towards an ice age, and voila your post proves it (just kidding!) :):)

  3. I appreciate Jesh's comment about the way folks can overstate the evidence of a cold spell to refute global warming. What does count is long term trends. Still, as someone who bought the "Whole Earth Catalogue" and was otherwise trying to do my best for the planet through the seventies, I do remember very confident predictions by "the scientific community" about how "a new ice age" was inevitable due to high levels of particulate matter being generated by coal burning which would screen out the heat of the sun. I don't know what to think--and will freely admit that.

  4. Of course nobody knows for sure....but some pretty smart people have told me that global warming is real. And it seems the pace of this increase in the last two centuries is unprecedented, given the evidence to be found in markers like arctic ice-core samples and other forms of analysis. Reason is not certain, but human industrialization seems like a pretty good candidate.

    I'm also told that the vastly increased levels of carbon dioxide will one day soon have the effect of causing plant life (which "breathes" carbon dioxide like we do oxygen) to grow at unprecedented rates. We may find that forests rejuvenate quicker than they did a few years ago, for example.

    And you may be mowing your lawn every other day, in other words, because grass will so enjoy the air you can barely breathe..

    Oh joy. Something else to look forward to.

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  6. Wow! What a change!
    There is little or no real weather where I live. It's always mild. Some people say its boring, but I like this way. I can see snow from here and can get there in less than two hours. If it did snow here, there would be chaos...