Old Geezers Out to Lunch

Old Geezers Out to Lunch
The Geezers Emeritus through history: The Mathematician™, Dr. Golf™, The Professor™, and Mercurious™

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dr. Golf: Inspiration abounds in a Tour de Force

—Publisher's note: To the uninitiated....the Geezers Emeritus have had a long-standing series of gaming battles conducted in an on-line battlefield designed to resembled the old board game, Risk. Dr. Golf is our historian of these battles, and following is the result of the latest battle—

With one of the most daring attacks in recent memory, Dr. Golf, in a single turn vanquished his foes, eliminating Mercurious and the Mathematician, and reducing the Professor to English cream. 

Like Angela Merkel on Greek debt, Dr. Golf was ruthless and wondrous, uncompromising and unsympathetic. Would that there could be more action heroes like our stunning Dr. Golf. In a game regrettably won more and more by sluggish bureaucrats who eat porridge and slurp weak tea, our Dr. Golf slashes and dashes about on a steady diet of red meat, martinis and dark Cuban cigars.  

When he finds time for rest is anyone's guess, but one can only imagine that his time in bed isn't wasted on sleep. Maybe Dr. Golf could address the sluggish world economy before the next game consumes his undivided attention once more. The world can only wait and we can only dream.

1 comment:

  1. Dr. Golf is a piss-poor historian, as he fails to give the tally of the war in his eagerness to gloat over his lastest victory....

    Professor: 3 wins
    Mathematician: 7 wins
    Dr. Golf: 8 wins
    Mercurous: 10 wins.